Placement Rules

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Students who are eligible according to a company’s criteria will be allowed to sit for their written test or appear for their interviews. Once a student is selected in a company, he/she cannot appear for the test/interview of the next company even if he/she rejects the previous job offer. SSEC is the Best Engineering Institute in Coimbatore

Code of Conduct for Students

All students attending interviews are requested to keep in mind the following the instructions below.

  • Report at the placement center 30 minutes before the interview starts.
  • Keep an updated copy of your resume with you with photo.
  • Keep sufficient number of your documents/certificates/photographs (spare photo copies) ready and arranged in order.
  • Unless specifically asked to report later, students waiting for their turn should wait patiently at the placement center and not loiter about. You alone will be responsible if you miss your interview.
  • Present yourself in neat and pressed formal dress and polished formal shoes. Nails ought to be trimmed.

If a candidate who has forwarded his resume for a particular company decides not to appear for the test/interview, he/she should inform the placement center as soon as possible. This will not only enable the placement center to give an accurate estimate to the company of the number of people appearing, it will also help other students who would otherwise miss out on a good chance. SSEC is the best Engineering Institute in Coimbatore.