Our Principal

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As the Principal of Sree Sakthi Engineering College, I can assure you that we provide the very best quality education, support and facilities to our students.  SSEC is the ideal place to further your education and give you the skills and quality, international qualifications you need to stand out in the current employment market, whether here in the India or overseas. We provide quality courses which lead to India – accredited qualifications, including undergraduate and postgraduate degrees awarded by our Universities, with very competitive fees.

The college has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere with excellent facilities as well as encouraging staff and faculty who will support you and help you to reach your full potential. Besides technical competence, I personally feel that moral values are equally important which need to be imbibed in the future engineers and technocrats to make them better citizens besides honing their technical skills. The institute has adopted the word ‘The Change’ based on the feedback from the students, parents and faculty for continuous betterment to benefit one and all and especially the students – the future of India. Engineering Institute in Coimbatore. In addition to the academic side of SSEC, we place great importance on the happiness of our students who enjoy the trips to various companies and industries, Music, playing cricket, table tennis and other sports.

Please read through this prospectus carefully and consider which course matches your interests, current qualifications and future careers aspirations. Then contact our admissions team who will explain the simple process of gaining admission to SSEC! Thank you for reading this message and I look forward to welcoming you to Sree Sakthi Engineering College soon. Sree Sakthi Engineering College is the best Engineering Institute in Coimbatore.